The truck



Cast aside. Discarded. Cast off. Disused. Say it how you will, it's all the same to an old truck like me.

I gave them my all for decades, transporting them and their - how do we say this delicately? - stuff - around the state. I never asked for anything more than new tires, new wiper blades, and good, clean, high-quality gasoline. And, well, maybe a wash every now and then. But, you know, being a farm truck I didn't really expect to get washed beyond what the rain did for me. And then, they left my windows open more than once when it rained. I hate the feel of soggy seats. Hate it. And then, when my seats dried out, my seat springs got rusty. Let me tell you,rusty seat springs aren't a lot of fun.

And then there's all the scrapes and dents they subjected me to. Every one of them hurt. First was the injury itself and that was bad enough. But the real insult was being seen around the farm and town all banged up. It was almost enough to make me quit on them right in the middle of Main Street. Or in the grain elevator. Ooh, that would've shown them. But, alas, no. I sucked it up and carried on. When you get right down to it, not being alone in the indignities they forced upon me was about the only thing that kept me going. And some of the other vehicles in the county, well they were treated even worse than me. You should have seen some of the damage! It was as if they had no clue about dignity!

Hmmmm.... Come to think about it, the way some of them dressed and took care of themselves, they didn't even think much about their own dignity. Yeesh. And the B.O. Wow. Made me want to open my own windows sometimes. Oh, I know, they'd probably make some excuse about how they're just going to get all sweaty again right away. But enough about them.

This is about me. Faded though I might be, I still have spirit. Cast aside, cast off, outmoded. Abandoned. That's me.

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