"Look out! It's leaking!"
"Holy crap! Run for it!"
"Shit! Don't do that! That's jet fuel that's leaking!"
"Warn refinery control!"
"Too late! We're done for!"
"I've got the override here! Just .. let .. me ... There! That should stop it"
"It's down to a trickle now."
"Quick thinking! It's completely stopped now. But what the heck happened?"
"And why isn't there a master shutdown control here, of all places?!"
"Damn it! We're all soaked in the stuff. What now? We can't go anywhere near anything that might think about being electrical."
"Isn't there a wash station on the other side of the building?"
"Oh, yeah. Let's get over there and get the three of us stripped down and washed off. It can't be healthy to be soaking in this stuff."
"And since that new cracker was installed, it's the long way 'round for us."
"Once we wash up we're gonna have to repo... too late. There's the P.A. asking what's going on. I'll call control and let them know we need a hazmat crew down here. You guys go get washed up."

"Control? Yeah. We had a spill. What? No, no one at fault, Just a valve that decided to let go. Yeah. We're heading for the wash station. How much? Dunno. It was coming out pretty fast, spraying out, really. Yeah, it got all of us. And you know what kind of pressure stuff is under down here. Yeah, it was a high-pressure line. Yeah. Just let me get washed up and a fresh pair of coveys on and I'll meet the hazmat crew."

"Yeah, so the three of us, me and Joe and Tom, were loading the tank car over there with jet fuel."
"That one?"
"Yeah the one with the jet fuel sprayed all over the side."
"Smart ass."
"Hey! You asked!"
"Yeah, yeah... So what happened?
"Well, we hooked it all up, opened the valve on the tank car, then opened the fill valve. It all looked good for a couple minutes. Then it started leaking."
"Just like that?"
"Yeah, just like that."
"You're sure no one did anything?"
"Yes, I'm sure."
"I'm not sure I like your tone. What are you implying?"
"Settle down. I just want to be sure of what goes into my report. And you know that with the size of this spill and the impact on shipping that's it's not the last time you're going to be asked that."
"Yeah, yeah. You're right. But it's hard to keep that in mind. Especially when it feels like you're out to get us."
"Nope, not out to get you. Just wanna get the facts straight. So, what happened after it started leaking?"
"The leak got bigger in a real hurry. I couldn't've been more than 5 seconds from the first spurt to being way out of control. Joe's first thought was to run. I told him not to. Then I headed for the override and cranked the flow off there. I tell ya, though, those override valves need to be maintained on a regular basis. I almost couldn't get that one turning."
"I'll make a note of the override valve maintenance request."
"Thanks. It's gonna take a week to get the smell off us."
"Yeah. Sucks to be you. So, which valve was it that broke?"
"The final control valve, the one that gets opened and closed several times a day."
"Huh. I wonder what the MTBF numbers are on those. You'd think they'd be pretty high. Hmmm..."
"Yeah, you'd think. But obviously not high enough for this use."
"Or we just got a bad valve."
"That makes me wonder how many of these we've got in this place just waiting to fail."
"OK, now my nerves are shot. I need a smoke"

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