Hi. My name is Brianne. I've been a hobbyist photographer for decades and the inclination shows no signs of going away. Having shown some of my work to some people I'm under the impression that I've got some talent and skill to go with the inclination.

Something I'm big on is posting pictures just as they come out of the camera. That's not to say I don't do some editing - but, when I do I keep it to very subtle lighting changes. My most common edit is to add some light to the image, either over-all light level or to emulate the effect of a flash on the foreground subject matter.


This is a photo blog with a different angle. Yes, there will be pictures and, yes, there will be words. But those are just basic criteria for any photo blog. What I'm not going to do is continually post pics for the sake of eliciting admiration. The other thing I'm not going to do is to create the latest and greatest technique and technology blog. There are plenty of people using plenty of bits and bytes for both those aims already.

What I'm going to try to do is take (make?) thought-provoking pictures and write about them. Sometimes the writing will be factual, expository, and possibly somewhat dry. At other times there will be pure fiction. I hope to inject each story, whether factual or fictional, with a large dollop of humour. In all honesty, the fiction is where I'm going to direct most of my efforts. Spinning stories and entertaining people seems to me to be a worthy ambition.  There will be times, though, when the photo will demand a sober analysis. I apologize in advance for interrupting your regularly-scheduled entertainment.


Speaking of schedules, I'm going to be making posts when I can. After all, I do have a life outside this blog and taking pics, editing (where required) and then posting and writing all take time. 


I gave some thought to the subject of where I should publish this blog. There are cases to be made for the many different platforms that are available, but I chose this one because it works and gives me the freedom to be creative without limitations.  That's not to say it won't take some hard work to get everything done the way I want it. The discipline needed to concentrate on something and get it done is not a bad thing to develop.


And, lastly, the why of what I'm undertaking: Because I don't have a book deal. In all seriousness, though, that's not too far off the mark. Since I'm not writing for a specific book, I might as well hone my prose in this medium. Doing so will get me used to writing. It'll also help me get into the right frame of mind for writing. Finally, it'll give me an outlet for all the creativity I've got bottled up.


How... The 'W' that isn't. I'm going to use this part of the 'About' page to talk about my camera equipment. After all, without camera equipment of some description a photo blog is pretty boring.

With the exception of one Canon film camera, an early Canon digital point 'n' shoot, and my phone, I've always used Pentax equipment. The genesis of my dedication to Pentax dates back to my early teens when I inherited my Grandfather's Pentax Spotmatic. I shot an assortment of Pentax film cameras until I was gifted the Canon EOS. I used it because, well, it had automatic exposure and a short zoom. It was eventually stolen from my car. It was at that point I bought the Canon PnS and used it quite happily until I caught wind of Pentax's K10D and all the goodness inherent in that camera. The two biggest features for me were the in-body anti-shake and the ability to used any lens Pentax had ever made. Considering that I have a number of screw-mount Pentax lenses - well, the decision wasn't a hard one. I eventually bought a second K10D, then a K20D and, most recently, a K3. The K3 works a dream with my DA* lenses.  Love love love it.

Of course, a camera body isn't much use with out lenses. The four lenses I use most are a DA* 16-50, a DA* 50-135, a D FA 100 Macro, and an FA 80-320. The are all fabulous lenses that produce a level of work that's had to beat.